Rates and figures have been altered for confidentiality purposes.

Rates and figures have been altered for confidentiality purposes.

Product: Lumen


Lumen product business model is subscription based. This project show cases how we switched from a manual membership managed by the CS devision to automated membership flows.

  • UX Design

  • UI Design

  • Prototyping

  • UX Research

My role - Lead product designer

The product

Lumen is the world’s first hand-held, portable device to measure metabolism through the breath. Lumen tracks, analyzes and shows you how to improve your metabolic health. It indicates the type of fuel your body is using to produce energy and helps to understand how your metabolism functions while providing insights on how to improve it.

The Why

All of our subscription managing capabilities were managed by our Customer Success devision. It took a lot of man power and effort to answer to all the customers that wanted to cancel, renew, refund or upgrade to Duo subscription. The process and user experience of the whole process from start to finish was poor and annoying.


The first step to create the best user experience for our users and meet our business needs is to conduct a comprehensive competitor analysis. We chose to research the best subscription products to gain some meaningful insights

High level flows

After the competitor analysis we started brainstorming and created high level flows to each membership feature.

Flows architecture

Cancellation flow

refund flow

renewal flow

Competitor analysis




google one

After showing the flows, architecture and general ideas to the company stakeholders and legal department we got some guidelines which helped us create a strategy for the membership flows.



No portal no problem

In the first stage of this effort because of time pressure and legal requirements we decided not to create a web portal for all the membership flows but to create an app to web experience that will answer our users main pain points.

Money first

One of our legal guidelines was not to show any cost or offers inside the app to avoid paying a 30% cut to app store and google play store.

Make it personal

When users want to cancel / refund show they already achieved since the beginning of their subscription. Giving them a glimpse into their “stats” can be a real eye opener and make them rethink their decision.

Attractive prices

When users are not sure if they want to renew their subscription offer them better renewal prices. We also added a Duo plan for two users share the same Lumen device with two different accounts.

Offer support

Some of the reasons for cancellation can be not understanding how to use features or not understanding the value of them. We decided to try and clear up any confusion by offering to chat with a customer experience representative for help.









User life cycle - Less then 30 days

User life cycle - More then 30 days

user accepts offer

goes to web

user doesn’t accept offer

personalised copy depending on users choice

if user choice “im not loosing weight”

continues to web

We divided the cancellation flow by users life cycle in the product so each user will get a personalised experience

Cancellation flow

In the first 30 days of usage users can request a refund. Lumen is a physical device and therefor users need to send it back to us. We created an in app flow to help them with the process

Refund flow

This flow gives users that cancelled their membership to jump back in and continue their journey with Lumen

Renewal flow

Cancelled user

expired user

continues to web


3 months of our automated flows were out to 100% of users

Cancellation requests



Cancelled users that renew



Refunds completed



CS cancellations



Looking forward

To create the best user experience, be free to add more options for managing memberships and have all the legal requirements met we will switch to a proper web portal.

Create a Web Portal

We need to collect more data from our different cancellation flows to see which of our strategies works best so we can save more users from cancelling.

Collect data, save users

Next steps in the world of membership is to create “add-ons” for users to buy on top of their regular membership. For example X private sessions with a Nutritionist.

Create Add-ons

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